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Everything is happy and nice (Don't want to trigger Father's WWII flashbacks, do we? Someone could make a dark parody of it where Father is a repressed homosexual, Mother needs alcohol to get through the day, Sister is sleeping with everyone at school, Brother is a habitual drug user, and Junior is just trying to survive.

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Dad gets home from work, joins the boys for pleasant conversation, then it's time to eat.At first glance the plea for pacifism central to Robert Wise’s The Day the Earth Stood Still appears to have sprung from the same take-a-look-at-yourself-and-make-a-change font of emotional syrup that would later see the healing properties of Michael Jackson’s tears drizzled over a wounded planet.Yet, for all the barely submerged Christ-allegorising of Michael Rennie’s extraterrestrial delegation, sent to Earth to share a peace pipe, such Christian values prove themselves of a decidedly Bible belt persuasion.on Riff Trax, but consider this an opportunity to provide your own witty banter!

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Here is what you’ll learn today, fellow computer users: slouching is the reason no one talks to you at parties, even if you’re a perfectly attractive and friendly person, and the key to good posture is exercise, rest, and good shoes.

But above all – as always with Hawks – there’s a dignity to the human relationships and humanity on display.