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) It’s hidden behind what looks like an umbrella store on Duddell Street but inside it’s all old-school luxury and charm.They have regular live jazz nights so very La La Land :)Explore Tai O fishing village, one of the few fishing villages in Hong Kong, where locals still live in stilt houses and peddle dried fish and shrimp paste.According to our database, British Council offers 18 test locations across Hong Kong.There are 56 universities in the country accepting IELTS scores.For someone you want to impress with a ‘hip’ neighbourhood and restaurant — Chino in Kennedy town.Created by former Nobu chef, it’s a Mexican restuarant (on paper) but they use Japanese ingredients and cooking techniques: For someone you want to impress with the ‘hip’ neighbourhood and restaurant — Kaum which is located in the coolest new area known as ‘Potato Head’.Barbara's folks lived in a modest flat a block from the waterfront.Her dad was a member of the Foreign Service and it didn't hurt when I said I was from Hollywood.

Click on "Check availability" to access all available IELTS exams in Hong Kong and register to save your spot within a couple of minutes.

"To walk down a street in Hong Kong is to walk around the world. Across the Bay was Mainland China, locked in secrecy.

At night Hong Kong burst into life much in the manner a silk worm frees itself from the captivating cocoon." I was a young Ensign and away from home for the first time. As if written into a Hollywood script, I chanced to meet a lovely young English girl.

The average IELTS score of test takers with Chinese as native language is 6.

Hong Kongs capital Hong Kong offers 1 accredited British Council IELTS test centre(s).Our next night out, we climbed aboard a wala wala (tiny boat) and a girl on the bow and on the stern culled us to a floating restaurant.