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Find out what it takes to keep up with their coffee love – and what you can learn from them. So whether it’s the different brewing methods they use at home, scouting a new city for great coffee, or simply their tendency to ramble on and on about everything related to the bean, here are 5 things you can expect when dating a coffee drinker.If you're familiar with the mission undertaken during the main part of the game (Picking Up the Trail), you'll have to encounter a settlement of children called Little Lamplight.

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Sure, some of them might not be next to that big shopping street or the art gallery.

This bridge is guarded by a nervous and tired man named Dusty, who will mildly interrogate you when you try to enter the settlement.

It seems that no matter how you treat him, he'll let you in.

This is the other way you can pick up this side quest.

But this side quest still exists even if you ignore that guy completely.

When you first arrive there, you should find a teenage boy who is being kicked out of Little Lamplight, because he's too old to live there.