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And yet, there’s something winning about Emma’s personality and her sense of determination and idealism, and against all reason you find yourself rooting for her…It’s testament to Austen’s genius that Emma is so real, so annoying, and so damn likable despite it all. We have to say that Emma Woodhouse as Austen’s best character was certainly a controversial decision with us at the Jane Austen News. The talk celebrates Austen’s life and writings and makes sense of how her characters and stories have come to be imprinted on each new generation of readers.is our weekly compilation of stories about or related to Jane Austen.Hardcover: 304 pages (January 1, 2005) Publisher: Hyperion Books ISBN: 1401301177 US List Price: .00 UK Equivalent: £6.28 Margaret C.

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Are you a Jane Austen fan and have always wanted to date Mr. Bingley from Elizabeth’s sister Jane, or just die alone while doing needlepoint?One longs to sneak a copy into Bridget Jones’s towering pile of self-help books (and we point, rather huffily, in Ms. Henderson’s assertion that British women are more sensible in manners of the heart than their American sisters). Henderson shows an admirable knowledge and understanding of Jane Austen’s novels, and her analyses of the various relationships are extremely well-done.

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