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In the spring of 1898 he formed a partnership Avith O. Brecke in the steamship passenger business, under the style of Brecke & Ekman. In the previous year the Pacific Coast and Norway Packing. Ekman's personal record is that he is a Mason in good standing and an active member of the Odin Club.Company had been organized, and in 1903 he assumed active charge of it as its secretary and treasurer. Christine (Aim) Elsberg, a native of Vermland, Sweden, who was the mother of three children by a former marriage — Emma, William and Ellen. Knut Ekman, cashier of the new Scandinavian-American Na- tional Bank of Minneapolis, of which he was one of the founders, has a remarkably substantial standing in the banking circles of the Northwest, particularly in those upon which depend the financial security of his countrymen.As stated, he is now giving his chief attention to its promotion and development. A native of Vexio, Smaland, Sweden, he is a son of Nils and Brita Katarina Ekman and was born October 23, 1870.His father, who was a prominent musician connected with the military service of Sweden, died at St. As a youth Knut Ekman passed through the first five standards of the Collegiate High School at Vexio, and then deviated from the plan mapped out for him by spending several years in the study of piano and organ music. Paul, but after a short stay there went to Lindstrom, Chisago county, Minnesota, where for a year he was employed in the general store of his brother, Carl. Paul, he secured the position of bookkeeper with the old Scandinavian-American Bank, remaining in that capacity for three vears.Paul and interred m the Union cemetery beside that of her husband. A., and in the following October emigrated with his parents and youngest brother to St.Paul, the sister and other brothers having already located there. Paul office until July, 1890, when he was placed in full charge of their Minneapolis branch.In musical circles he is widely known, having a fine tenor-baritone voice and enjoyed active membership in various singing societies since 1891. He is a fine representative of the intelligent and thrifty Swedes who have contributed so largely towards the advancement of the industrial and financial prosperity of the city, and is in every respect deserving of the esteem in which he is held as a capable business man and a valued citizen.He isa leader in perhaps the most prominent of these organizations, the Arpi Singing Club. Ekman is also a fourteenth degree Mason, identified with Khurum Lodge, and belongs to the Odin Club. — Prominent among the larger contractors for general mason work in Minneapolis is Swan M. A native of Sweden, he was born, April 23, 1854, in Langaryd, Smaland, on the home farm.

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Paul the day before Thanksgiving, where he at once' secured employment as bookkeeper and later as salesman in a dry goods establish- ment.Ekman was appointed director of the Board of State Normal Schools by Governor Johnson in 1908. iv/r- „ ^Ir Ekman has been twice married— first, June 20, 1883, to Miss Amanda Wallmark, who died July 20, 1900. S., civil engineer, February 22, 1887; Sidney R., clerk, January i, 1889; Lincoln G bank clerk, December 16, 1890; Ruth M., December 31, 1892; Roy H. The father was a prominent musician of the Kronoberg Regimental Band, in which, by long and faith- ful service, he attained the rank of "musik-fanjunkare" (musical standard bearer). Paul, September 15, 1888, at the age of seventy years and his widow passed away on an Atlantic steamer, August 8, 1899, seventy-one years of age. Next of the survivors comes Henrik, who was born August 2, 1856, and is now a bank clerk m Minneapolis ; Edward, born November 10, 1859, is connected with the office ot the Board of Directors of Charities in Minneapolis ; Emma, born March i5, 1862, is married to Gustaf Nilsson, a cigar manufacturer' of St.On August 27 1902, he wedded Aliss Anna Charlotta Peters, and of the twelve children borne bv his two wives ten are living to do him honor. With her sons, August and Knut, she was re- turning from a visit to her Swedish home when she was overtaken by death ^her bodv being reverently borne to St. Nils Ekman raised a fine family of eight sons and one daughter, of whom five sons and the daughter are stiiralive. Paul; and August and Knut are both subjects of biography in this history. 1887, August Ekman graduated from the Collegiate High School of Vexio with the degree of B.Within two years he entered business of his owm together with one of his brothers, Henry Ekman. Ekman withdrew from the firm in 1884 and moved to Lindstrom, Chisago county, where he established a general merchandise store. August Ekman.— Few of the Swedish-Americans of the Twin Cities have enjoved a more varied and creditable experience in business and finances than August Ekman, of Minneapolis, founder and managing sec- retary and treasurer of the Pacific Coast and Norway Packmg Company.

and the dry goods store conducted by them became one of the prominent Swedish business houses in St. By ceaseless labor and economy success again crowned his efforts to obtain financial independence until the day before Christmas eve, 1888, he saw the fruits of his nine years of work and self-denial go up in smoke and flame. Ekman received an appoint- ment in connection with the ^Minnesota legislature, and in 1891 became chief clerk to the secretary of state. Two years later he became identified in a responsible position with the Minnesota Stats Tidning, St. He is also engaged in other business enterprises, and he is a citizen whose successes in private enterprises have always been accompanied by contribu- tions of his means and abilities to the advancement of public chanties.

'n- ■:;"-; .."i JSg Ss S Sttam A HISTORY OF The Swedish-Americans OF MINNESOTA A Concise Record of the Struggles and Achievements of the Early i Settlers, together with a narrative of what is now being ' done by the Swedish-Americans of Minnesota in the development of their Adopted Country. Ill PUBLISHED BY THE LEWIS PUBLISHING COMPANY CHICAGO 1910 - \ THE Nh-'W . In 1882, at the age of twelve years, he came with his mother and other members of the family to America, his father having sailed for this country a short time previouslv in order to have a home for them when they arrived. Peterson, was born in Uddevalla, Sweden, in 1832, and since 1881 has been a resi- dent of America. Thev reside at 3106 Eleventh avenue, South, Minneapolis. Holman is an enthusiastic musician, being an organizer of both the Orpheus Singing Societies and a member of the Arpi chorus, m which he sings second tenor. — The able and popular manager of Sz'cnska Folkets Tidning, Carl Ekman, is one of the stalwart Swedish-Americans of ]\Iinne- sota whose strong influence has been felt in the advancement of the busi- ness, good politics and high-toned journalism of the state.