Objectdatasource onupdating not firing Adult dating sim xxx vids

29-Jul-2017 19:21

When I finally resort to set the Update Method's parameter manually, everything works!This is a strong evidence of such a possible exception.(2) Check that sequence, parameter names and number of Bind("xxx") in Edit Item Template is identical to Object Data Source's parameter collection (3a) Create a new Test.aspx, using Access Data Source, update command works.

|If Use Submit Behavior is true (default), the button makes a normal POST submit, instead of invoking the ASP. Apparently the Form View commands only work if invoked through javascript-submit. i just solve my problem last case is i use updatepanel, so i need to wrap everyting include the objectdatasource with in the update i also remove the fileupload control from my formview since it not really flexible with update panel and formview.

I have controls in edititemtemplate and insertitemtemplate.