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You're also more likely to forget about contraception and condoms, which help prevent pregnancy and protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as chlamydia.Having sex won't make your boyfriend or girlfriend like you more or stay with you.Here are some things you can say back to them to keep them quiet: They say: "You haven't had sex because no one fancies you."You say: "I haven't had sex because I'm not afraid of saying no", or "I'm waiting for the right person."They say: "You'll get dumped if you don't do it soon."You say: "We like each other for more than just sex."They say: "We've all done it loads of times."You say: "And Santa really climbs down the chimney every year."They say: "You must be gay."You say: "As if waiting for the right person means anything about my sexuality.Gay and straight people can wait for the right person", or "So what if I am?It might help you to remember that: It's fine to say no or to say you want to wait a while, even if you've had sex before. Don't do something you're not ready to do just to please other people.You're more likely to regret your first time if you do it under pressure.

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Peer Transport Credential Type specifies how peers in the mesh are authenticated to each other.Note: This sample uses the default peer resolver (PNRP), which is not available in Windows Server 2003.Therefore, to run this sample on Windows Server 2003, you must use a custom peer.The next minute your friends are obsessed about when everyone will lose their virginity.

You might be thinking about sex, but the reality of it can be confusing. Just because you want to know more doesn't mean you have to rush into anything.Sometimes it feels like everyone's trying to push you into having sex: your friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend, films and TV.