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Available fields for adding: login, password, full_name, account_number, tariff_plan, status, stb_mac. Field discription: login - Authorization login (Unique, required) password - Authorization password full_name - User's name (The first and the last name or organization name) account_number - Account number tariff_plan - Tariff plane identifier status - Admin status (1 - on, 0 - off) stb_mac - MAC address of the STB stb_sn - Serial number of the device stb_type - Model of the device online - STB status (1 - online, 2 - offline) ip - IP address of STB version - row with firmware versions, portals, etc subscribed - The list of identifiers of the optional packages in which subscribed comment - comment row, available for admin only end_date - disabling date (while enable_internal_billing = true) in format "Y-m-d H:i:s" account_balance - balance row last_active - time and date of last activity Identifier: personal account, MAC address (one personal account can contains more than one STB). Available fields for updating: msg (Text message must be url encoded).

Welcome to this years Spoiler TV Cancellation Predictor Last year, each week, we updated our data (see the notes below about how we get our data) in order to see if we could predict which show(s) would be renewed or cancelled.

We will still be updating with the ratings for the last few remaining episodes of the shows still airing.

All in all another very successful year for our prediction calculations.

For example, it can turn your Nexus 7 into Samsung Galaxy S3 in a few seconds. To download and install incompatible apps from Android Market / Google Play Market on your devices.

For example, if you want to install Viber on your Nexus 7, switch it to Samsung Galaxy S3 and you’ll can.

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3) Only the major networks are included currently ie ABC/FOX/CW/CBS/NBC.Or if you change your DPI value, you’ll find this app very useful.( I’ll update this section later ; P ) – It DOES NOT touch your or any system files so it’s easier and safer. IMPORTANT: go to Android Device Manager to update the change ( just visit the page, you don’t need to do anything ).As you can see from last years summary, we did pretty well.

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We're hoping this year to make it even more accurate.

This index is by no means a 100% accurate guide about if your show is safe or in danger and should be seen as a bit of FUN.