White pearl cam videos

06-Jul-2017 01:22

Normal gold and silver cleaners are acidic and can damage your pearls.

The Yi 4K Action Camera is an accomplished device with a good design, handy touchscreen and will provide excellent quality photos and videos.

To learn more about color treatments in pearls, check out this post.

The temperature of your pearls can give you some hints.

In the pearls of utmost quality, these may not be visible without a loupe, but they are still there. Real pearls are made from layer upon layer of a material called ‘nacre’.

Don’t worry — these are signs that your pearl came from nature! These layers are translucent, and reflect light in such a way that a real pearl appears to have an inner glow that is almost impossible to recreate with artificial methods.Since no two pearls are identical in nature, look for minor variation in color and shape that indicate your pearls are authentic. In nature, the longer a pearl remains within an oyster’s shell, the more likely it is to develop imperfections like dents and divots.